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Valley Realty and Auction (established 1989) is engaged in serving businesses and the general public selling real estate, cattle, machine shops, grocery stores, hardware stores, trucking companies, timber and other types of sales. Selling the auction way is our specialty. It is fast, thorough, and convenient. We are licensed in Tennessee and North Carolina. When you contract with Valley Realty & Auction, we take over the complete job from start to finish.

1. Making the preliminary auction appraisal.
     A. In real estate we use the comparable market analysis. While no two properties are exactly alike, there are many that are comparable or similar.
    B. With equipment we use a market analysis, local and regional, based on actual sales of like equipment.

2. Setting the sale date.
    A. Selling real estate at auction can be accomplished during any season, hot, cold, rain, or shine, but sales of real estate have been with the highest and best results during April, May and June, particularly farm lands.
    B. Sales should be on non-holiday weekends. Also not to compete with local activities.
    C. The selling of equipment should coincide with local and regional advertisement such as trade papers and magazines.

3. Tagging, flagging, and numbering all lots, tracts and items to be sold.
    A. For mapping control and legal descriptions for deed preparation and selling.
    B. This is for accounting purposes on equipment.

4. Advertising.
    A. The advertising department goes to work preparing the brochures and laying out the magazine and/or newspaper advertising. 
    B. We do it all, from photos of select equipment, homes, buildings, and land, to the mailing of brochures to prospective buyers.
    C. With knowledge and experience of where and how to advertise your product.

5. Establishing the real estate value.
    A. While real estate location is the #1 factor that will determine the sales price, other factors come into play.
    B. Highest and best use is nothing more than the use of the land that would yield the most income.
    C. Sub-dividing the land to allow more buyers to purchase and to allow groupings of the properties during the auction sale creates a higher sales price.
    D. We handle the sub-dividing along with the surveyor, soil scientist, the State Environmentalist, and the County Zoning Administrator.

6. Mailing List.
    A. We have mailing lists for many types of auctions as before mentioned.
    B. A successful sale is based on having the right people attend your sale. Brochures are mailed 1st class to these people.

7. Auctioneering Personnel.
    A. The sale is conducted by professional auctioneers, brokers, affiliate brokers, ringmen, and clerks.
    B. This is a full-time auction company, not a part-time side line.

8. Compiling Receipts.
     A. When the sale is over, the items are paid for by either guaranteed funds, letters of credit from the bank, or case for equipment sales.
    B. On the real estate, we require a 10% deposit on the day of the auction with the balance due upon the delivery of the deed, unless the seller is financing the purchase, and at the signing of the auction contract those details would be reduced to writing.
    C. The accounting department will balance the sale and prepare a written report, final statement of accounting, and delivering this to the seller the day of the auction.
    a. You will receive a final and complete report, item by item of the sale price and buyer.
    b. When real estate is sold, you’ll have the sales price, buyer, and net proceeds.

9. Preparing the equipment or property for sale.
    A. Each auction sale is unique and must be prepared for in many different ways. You may desire Valley Realty and Auction to handle the preparation of the equipment or property to be sold or to sell it where is and as is.
    B. We are prepared to do cleaning, first echelon maintenance, bushhogging, dozing and many other tasks.
    C. What we can’t do, we employ and supervise others to do.

10. Selling cost per auction.
    A. There is no such thing as a set rate to charge. Each and all Auctions require different expenses. This makes the rate or fee negotiable.
    B. These factors also influence fees:
        a. Volume of property being sold
        b. Quality of property
        c. Geographical location

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